Sulfur - Erzgebirgs Soap

Product no.: G-018

Sulfur - Erzgebirgs Soap with lemon scent

No, it doesn't smell of rotten eggs, but tart, fresh lemons. With this exotic scent, it has a refreshing and revitalizing effect and is particularly beneficial on warm days. 

The typical sulfur yellow comes into its own with the lemon scented soap.

Natural soaps are basic luxury care items that pamper your skin. This vegan, gently cleansing soap is made from olive, rapeseed, coconut and palm oil. Due to the gentle cold saponification, the nourishing, natural substances are retained. Glycerine, squalene and especially the vitamins and minerals nourish the skin. The oils' moisturizing properties make the skin particularly soft. Vitamin E is one of the antioxidants and protects and smoothes the skin.

weight: 65 g

AQUA (water), COCOS NUCIFERA OIL (coconut oil), ELAEIS GUINEENSIS OIL (palm oil), CANOLA OIL (rapeseed oil), OLEA EUROPAEA (OLIVE) FRUIT OIL (olive oil), SODIUM HYDROXIDE (sodium hydroxide - is only necessary for the saponification process no longer available), LITSEA CUBEBA FRUIT OIL (essential oil - Litsea Cubeba), CITRUS LIMON PEEL OIL (essential oil - lemon), CI 47 005 *, Citral **, Geraniol **, Linalool ** and Limonene **
*) Clays of mineral origin and / or pigments for coloring the soaps
**) According to the EU Cosmetics Ordinance - natural substances that are subject to declaration in essential oils and fragrances


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Sulfur - Erzgebirgs Soap
Sulfur - Erzgebirgs Soap